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  • “Humanline.com is a visual library related to our civilization’s history, art and science.”

    Who can use it for free with accreditation:

    “Professors, students and teachers are free to use it in classroom presentations and demos, dissertations and other non-commercial academic works, researches and all related not-for-profit activities. The use of our files is still bound by a license but its use is completely free as long as:
    (1) the downloaded image is used according to its terms and conditions;
    (2) humanline.com is accredited as the source by a credit line or an active link to our website; and
    (3) it is not distributed to third parties.
    What represents educational use?
    In brief – everything realted to teachers’ and schools’ typical activities. There is no difference between private and publicly-funded schools, elementary or university education. Most typical examples are:
    Classroom activities – public display, classroom presentation, free textbooks, small series of handouts, use on electronic devices and games.
    Research – not-for-sale scientific and research reports, research papers, dissertations, all kind of papers with no price tag on it. This EXCLUDES all other non-government and corporate researches unrelated to education.
    Institutional use – website, reports, ads, papers made by an educational and research institution (this excludes partnerships, projects and everything else where a third party is involved.
    Web use – resource-sharing website, videos, slides and presentations, lesson plans and all other not-for-profit resources and pages.
    Personal use ONLY on personal webpages, websites and blogs of teachers, students and researchers”

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