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    • about Holocaust spoken narrative, “unspeakability’ and “unhearability
    • James Young: “None of us coming to the Holocaust afterwards can know these events outside the ways they are passed down.” In other words, descendants came after the Holocaust and our experience is mediated though our parents’ talk or lack of it.
    • today Survivors talk
    • What they didn’t do is talk to us. And we didn’t know how to talk to them.
    • We didn’t know that we didn’t know
    • firstly there were things she didn’t know. She didn’t know where she and her parents came from. She didn’t know about the war and what it meant. She didn’t know any old people or any family lineage
    • Secondly, she realised there were things about the war that she did know, but she didn’t know their significance. And thirdly, she didn’t know how to find out what she didn’t know. But she knew there were taboos, things she shouldn’t ask about, but she didn’t know where the perimeters were. This resulted in a childhood full silence, a powerful form of communication where trauma resides.
    • the Buddhists’ belief that after a time of killing it takes three generations for healing.
    • “wordlessness”. Ruth described this as heaviness and suffering, something beyond her control that she couldn’t name.
    • Those whose parents talked a lot also realised that they really didn’t know much about their parents’ experiences. The talk was often the same stories over and over again and as children they switched off.
    • As a child, you don’t know where these safety zones are. Asking questions is like stepping on land mines – you don’t know when a question will cause an explosion, because you don’t know where the land mines are planted.
    • need to know, combined with the fear of finding out, which also stands in the way of successful communication.
    • takes away the blame, it is not the parents’ or the children’s fault that it was hard to communicate.
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